The History of Laser-Tag

1977 – The first Laser-Tag environment was thought up by George Carter III, after watching the Millennium Falcon battle scene in Star Wars (A New Hope). The concept was named Photon, George believed that it would be the sport of the next century and anticipated world wide competitions in much the same way as other major sports. Though not there yet, Laser Tag is still growing world wide.

1982 – Research and Development for Photon started.

1984 – The first Photon Laser Tag Arena opened in Dallas, Texas in March.

1988 – Laser Quest, perhaps the most well known Laser Tag company was established by Phil Pickersgill, Simon James and Nick Brunt.

1988 – Laserforce is opened in Australia, this is a Laser-Tag arena and is now the longest running arena, still operating today. Laserforce as a company, go on to make there own equipment and become a big player in the manufacture and distribution of Laser-Tag equipment.

1993 – VEQTOR (tradename of) VEQTORIAN Limited founded by John Solly, Managing Director VEQTORIAN Limited and Jonathan Plache, Managing Director, Quantum (VEQTOR) (UK) Ltd., Technical Development. Debuted European product trial at Daily Mail Ski Show, London, United Kingdom.

1994 – The First VEQTOR site opens in Guildford, Surrey, England.

These were the early days of Laser-Tag, over the years the manufacturers of the various products have set up franchise opportunities, distributed to independent operators and generally grown their presence in the entertainment arena.

Today – LASER-RUN is an Independent Laser-Tag operator. The Arena is available for Private Hire, Party Bookings, Open Games and Exclusive Hire Games. There are a number of available options during the game process, with automated sniper systems, simulated land mines and simulated aerial assault being a few of the additional programmable options.

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